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BuyYai.com is based in Thailand and offers wholesale and single purchases. We can help you source the products in Thailand and around Asia.

Wholesale & Sourcing Company

Best wholesale in Asia and Thailand

Thanks to a large network of dealers in various areas, we can find you best products in Thailand and Asia that you can sell on Amazon or eBay, for an example.

There you can find your end customer, we work with wholesale and B2B. A lot of our packages goes to US based customers who have find our products and knows that they can earn money from.

For an exemple, our spice jars / mason jars here. The sale price on Amazon is around 9.99-19.99 USD. We arrange massive volume of this item and therefore, we can keep a low price per sold item.

We also do product sourcing in Thailand and Asia where we find a particular product that suits your needs.

We are committed to make you happy with your purchases and you are very welcome to contact us here with any questions.

Wholesale Tools

We got the right tools to arrange shipping with larger packages

Sourcing Company

Looking for a particular product? BuyYai.com can help you find it!


We need to make money when buying wholesale, we got you covered!

Wholesale is about finding a way for everyone in the supply chain to make money whilst making the end customer happy with their product and price. This is a challenge and I love it!
Amy Palaphon
Founder, CEO
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