6-in-1 Slicer Kitchen Equipment Vegetable Slicer


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Easy to use 6 in 1 stainless steel blades vegetable and fruit slide set.
Up to 6 types of blades can be replaced, allowing you to slice and slice vegetables and fruits without exerting a lot of effort.
You can create a variety of menus such as sliced, sliced, sliced, sliced, sliced, fries, salads, stir-fried vegetables.
Stainless steel knife, no worries about rust.
Made of food grade material, environmentally friendly and harmless to your health.
The blade is strong, sharp, does not rust.
Use it safely with a special handle that will protect your hands, firm and durable.
There is a non-slip rubber on the bottom of the base. Prevents the base from moving around while in use.
There is a device for holding the material that needs to slide, making it safe, no risk of injury from use.
Easy to use, not messy, comfortable, does not require electricity.
Up to 6 different blades can be changed to support multiple cutting styles.
Built-in blade storage compartment easy to use
Can use all kinds of fruit and vegetable slides
Compact size, can be used anywhere Suitable for homes or condos with limited space.
Detachable device for easy cleaning

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