Garlic chopper and Chili blender for Cooking


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Hand-pulled blender Vegetable and fruit chopper
Blending, chopping, grinding meat, vegetables, fruits, easy to carry, fast, no need for electricity, durable plastic, strong
【Why choose us】1. Blade made of stainless steel grade 304 2. Easy to clean, just rinse with water once3. Easy to use, save time and effort4. Can cut a variety of food ingredients. no electricity
No problem. Chop garlic and smelly hands. No more crying when chopping onions. With a fruit and vegetable chopper quickly No electricity required, save electricity, just use your hand to pull the blade in and out. The propeller will begin to chop vegetables and fruits thoroughly. Suitable for those who want to work urgently. Guarantee that food scraps will not make a mess in the kitchen anymore.
Features: Easy to clean and use Suitable for: grinding and slicing ginger, garlic, chili, peanuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and more Styles: pull-out switch

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