Hand Cooking BBQ Fan Air Blower for Camping


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  • 1.Hand-cranked handle: The hand-cranked handle can be disassembled, which is heat-insulating and durable, and can shake out the wind.
  • 2.Metal air outlet: The air outlet is a distance from the handle, which can avoid burns after high temperature.
  • 3.Metal wind blade: The air blade inside the air inlet is made of metal, which has strong wind and is durable.
  • 4.Easy to carry: Lightweight and portable, easy to use. Small and lightweight, easy to carry. It adopts manual operation design, no battery, no extra fuel, and can save energy. It can be used on a trip or camping trip .

Outdoor Cooking BBQ Fan Air Blower, Hand Crank Blowers, Barbecue Fire Bellows for Picnic Camping Stove Accessories


1.Hand-cranked handle: The hand-cranked handle can be disassembled, which is heat-insulating and durable, and can shake out the wind.

2.Metal air outlet: The air outlet is a distance from the handle, which can avoid burns after high temperature.

3.Metal wind blade: The air blade inside the air inlet is made of metal, which has strong wind and is durable.

4.Easy to carry: Lightweight and portable, easy to use. Small and lightweight, easy to carry. It adopts manual operation design, no battery, no extra fuel, and can save energy. It can be used on a trip or camping trip .



Overall size: 29cm

Handle width: 12cm

Outlet diameter: 3cm

Product material: ABS plastic body / metal parts

Product use: increase firepower when outdoor camping, barbecue, boiling water

Package includes: 1*hand blower

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