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These charging Station are equipped with intelligent recognition function. The charging cradle will automatically identify different devices and assign different outputs to different devices.

When multiple devices are charged at the same time, it is normal for the charger to become hot. The product has a temperature recognition function. When the temperature is too high, the charger will automatically reduce the output power to cool down.

The charger should be placed in a ventilated environment as much as possible, away from other heating appliances.

Do not use full load as much as possible, because full load will make the machine in a state of maximum heat generation (no matter if any electronic product is used at full load for a long time, it will reduce the life of electronic products), it is recommended to use 50-60 of the total power of the machine at ordinary times. % power, so that the machine does not heat much, and the service life will be extended.

Product Name : 40-Port USB Charging Socket

Product Model : AS658

Product Size : 22.5*10.2*6.8 cm / 8.85*4.01*2.67 in / 0.73*0.33*0.22 ft

Product Weight : About 840g

Material : PC+ABS fire retardant

Product Color : black

Power Cable :1.5M Cable

Input voltage : AC100-240V 50-60Hz

USB total output : 5V/40A

Rated power : 200W

Single USB port output : 5V1A – 5V2.4A Max

Automatic identification : adaptive voltage and current

Cooling method : intelligent cooling fan


Product Features :

1) 40 Ports USB — 40 Ports USB Charging Station provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 20 amps overall,enabling simultaneous multi-device charging,Compatible iPhone 13 / 12 / 11 /Xs/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6s/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini and other smart phones,tablet,Kindle, USB audio, Bluetooth headset and other 5V devices.

2) 100% SAFE CHARGING — Intelligent chip was built in to protect from over voltage, over current and overload. Reasonable cooling holes which can effective heat dissipation to prevent from over-temperature. Overcharge protection, when these devices fully charged, automatically converts to a small current trickle charge ,Effectively protect the safety of equipment and battery,it can Extension of your phone battery usage time to more 2 years.

3) WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS –Charge more than your smartphone or tablet with this multi-port adapter. Charge your e-reader, ipad, tablet,Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers and any other devices with a USB cord.

4) SMART CHARGING IDENTIFICATION–Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger can charge 40 devices simultaneously. Overcharge protection Charges safely,Extension of phone usage time to more 2 years.

Product Description
1) The material used for the shell : Fireproof and heatproof ABS+PC material, high temperature

2) Materials used to fix the circuit board : The special sealant used for electronic products imported from the United States is fireproof and high temperature resistant.

3) Product process : fully automated production, high-speed placement machine, reflow soldering, automatic plug-in machine, wave soldering, manual electrostatic detection, etc. No soldering problems, smooth solder joints, reduce subsequent repair points, stable and reliable quality.

Charge Multiple Devices
200W 5V40A 40 USB-A Port
Power Cable Type Plug :US UK EU Plug

We also have 10 and 20 USB Multi Charging Ports!

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